World of Persian cuisine where two thousand five hundred year old recipes
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Our Menu – Abu Dhabi


Inspired by centuries-old recipes, our Chefs have used
their culinary expertise to add a modern twist to the
complex flavors and textures of Indian cooking, helping
re-define and modernize conventional dishes.


Fluffy crispy hollow pastry




Fritters made of meat or vegetable


White peas cooked until tender and tempered with ghee




a style of cooking where meat/vegetables are cooked in its own juices




flavoured with garlic

Chur chur



from the Royal kitchens of India


lip smacking




Lucknowi style (lucknow is a north Indian state)


Sweetened reduced milk flavoured with cardamom


Chicken 65 (D/G)
AED 58.00

Curry leaf chicken, fried green chillies, ginger and black pepper

Jalpari Gulnar, siracha chilli peanut sauce (N)
AED 68.00

Gulf prawns, crushed garlic & chilli flakes, fried crisp


Aloo Channa Chat
AED 48.00

warm potatoe, chickpeas, fresh coriander mint and tamarind sauce, sweet yogurt, crispy save

Bombay Dahi Puri (N/D/G)
AED 42.00

Sweetened yoghurt, tamarind sauce and white pea ragda

Golgappe/Pani Puri
AED 42.00

Little hollow pastry balls filled with zesty ingredients and popped in the mouth whole (G)

Onion & Potato Bhajia
AED 42.00

Red onions and potato fritters, curry leaves and gram flour (D/G)

Potato cakes, white pea Ragda, tangy sauces
AED 58.00

Street food favorite, topped with sweet yoghurt, white radish and tamarind glaze (D/G)

Vegetable Samosa
AED 48.00

Punjabi samosa, potato and roasted cashew nuts, coriander and tamarind chutney with sweet

Lamb Samosa
AED 50.00

Crispy pastry, spring onion, lamb & sundried tomatoes, served with mix chutney

Classic Samosa Selection
AED 48.00

Punjabi samosa, spring onion, lamb & sundried tomatoes, mint labneh (N/D/G)

Prawn Papdi chat
AED 65.00

Punjabi samosa, spring onion, lamb & sundried tomatoes, mint labneh (N/D/G)

Ushna Chat Plate
AED 148.00

Potatoes chickpeas samosa, potatoes pokoda, pani puri, dhahi puri, cauliflower pokoda, served with 6 street chat


Smoked Tamatar chai (D/G)
AED 38.00

Charcoal roasted tomatoes soup, green coriander & roasted cumin, ajwaini mathri

Dal Ka Shorba, masala puri, gram vermicelli
AED 38.00

Puree of mixed lentils tempered with curry leaves and garlic

Samudree Shorba
AED 65.00

Seafood bisque soup, finishing with cream and mix seafood


AED 34.00

Cucumber, tomatoes and onions, lime & a hint of rock salt

Tandoori chicken and Orange salad (D)
AED 48.00

Tandoor grille chicken, naval orange, wild rocket, cherry tomatoes

Crunchy apple & walnut salad (N/D)
AED 48.00

Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, crunchy apple, roasted walnuts & chargrilled broccoli

Rocket Salad
AED 44.00

Fresh rocket leaves, red onion, pomegranate sauce


Malai Broccoli, tandoori mushrooms, achari sweet potatoes
AED 84.00

Tandoor grilled Broccoli, mushrooms cream cheese, olive oil and black pepper (N/D)

Achari Paneer Tikka, grilled peppers, mint labneh (N/D/G)
AED 92.00

Barbeque roasted cottage cheese in Indian pickle spices

Rampuri Gosht Seekh, pickled onions, mint raita (D)
AED 114.00

Skewered lamb kebabs, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, green coriander & mint

Adraki Lamb chops, Qorma sauce, cumin potatoes
AED 158.00

Ginger & malted vinegar marinated lamb chops with five spice mix

Malai Jhinga, coconut & mustard sauce, sago crisps (D/N)
AED 178.00

Tiger Prawns in cream cheese, yoghurt & garlic, grilled in tandoor

Raan Dumpukht
AED 239.00

Slow roasted leg of lamb, sweet potatoes, crispy onion rings, house salad

Tandoori Chicken tikka, bharwan mirch, chimichuri sauce (D)
AED 106.00

Chicken breast tandoori marinade stuffed shishito pepper green herbs sauce

Murgh Malai, garlic mint peas, crispy onion pakodas (N/D/G)
AED 106.00

Boneless Chicken breast in coriander, ginger, cream cheese & minty peas

Lahsuni Fish tikka, (N/D)
AED 114.00

Smoked hammour in Indian spices, char grilled broccoli, yoghurt paprika dip

Tandoor Lobster thermidor (N/D)
AED 239.00

Lobster slow roasted in tandoor, parmesan cheese & cream sauce

Jumbo Tandoori
AED 196.00

Jumbo prawns, cooked in charcoal tandoor, served hose salad and mint chutnet)


Maharaja platter
AED 198.00

Tandoori chicken, murgh malai, lamb chop, seekh kebab, malai jhinga, fish tikka, mint yoghurt, mixed cheese kulcha (N/D/G)

Vegetable kebab platter
AED 158.00

Tandoori Broccoli, Achari Paneer Tikka, Bharwan Mirch, Achari Aloo, Mushrooms, Mint Yoghurt, Mixed Cheese Kulcha (N/D/G)

Samudree Thali
AED 298.00

Tandoori prawns, malai prawns, hammour fish tikka, Hara masala fish, jhinga koliwada, mixed cheese kulcha, koliwada calamari



Malabar Prawn masala, Ghee Rice, Curd chilies
AED 126.00

Prawns in coconut gravy, curry leaves, jaggery and mustard, ghee rice (N/D)

Old Delhi Butter Chicken, chur chur Nan (N/D/G)
AED 114.00

Slow cooked Tandoori chicken, Makhani sauce, dried fenugreek, Indian spices

Chicken Tikka Masala
AED 114.00

Tandoor roasted tikkas, roasted tomatoes and cheese sauce

Chicken tikka lababdar (N/D)
AED 104.00

Tandoor roasted tikkas, roasted tomatoes and cheese sauce

Jumbo Makhni
AED 200.00

Slow cooked Tandoori jumbo prawns, makhani sauce, dried fenugreek, indian spices

Daab Chingri Reg
AED 126.00

Coconut and onions sauce, Gulf prawns, whole graine mustard

Daab Chingri Jumbo
AED 200.00

Coconut and onions sauce, jumbo tiger prawns, whole grain mustard

Gosht do pyaza, Chili paratha, pickled onions (D)
AED 119.00

Lamb cooked with onions, peppercorn, red chilies, crushed coriander and cumin.

Jumbo Masala
AED 200.00

Slow cooked jumbo tandoori prawns, spicy tomato and onion gravy, garlic and cumin flavors

Nawabi Gosht Nihari- Khamiri Roti (N/D/G)
AED 136.00

12 hours braised lamb with Indian spices, brown onions, red chilies and yoghurt (N/D/G)


Southern Railway Chicken curry
AED 114.00

Home style chicken curry from the canteens on Southern Railways during British era (D)

Travancore Fish Moilee
AED 126.00

A Fish curry from the royal kitchens of Travancore family during colonial era


Paneer lababdar (N/D)
AED 85.00

Cottage cheese, fresh ginger, roasted onions, tomato and cheese sauce

Paneer Jalfrezi (N/D)
AED 85.00

Cottage cheese, bell peppers and onions stir fried with tangy tomato sauce

Subz dum degh
AED 85.00

Tadka vegetables, spinach and roasted nuts & sesame gravy (N/D)

Bhindi kurkure lababdar’ (N/D/G)
AED 72.00

Crispy fried Okra, curry leaf tadka, chunky tomato & cheese sauce

Paneer Makhni
AED 85.00

Cottage cheese with makhani sauce, dried fenugreek, indian spice

Hing Dhaniya ke aloo (N/D)
AED 62.00

Braised potatoes, cumin, crushed coriander & asafoetida

Adraki Aloo Gobi
AED 62.00

Seasonal cauliflower, potatoes and onions in kadhai spices (N/D)

Palak Paneer
AED 95.00

Cottage cheese, spinach puree, brown garlic onion & tomato

Spicy Baigan
AED 72.00

Panfryed eggplant, spicy tomatoes gravy, mustard flavors

Jeera Aloo
AED 62.00

Cub potatoes, cumin and coriander flavors

Bhindi Masala
AED 72.00

Fried okra, chunky tomato & creamy masala gravy

Dal Makhni
AED 55.00

Ushna’s signature dal slow cooked for 24 hrs with home churned butter (D)

Palak Dal Tadka
AED 55.00

Yellow lentils & leafy spinach cooked home – style, tempered twice with garlic & pure ghee (D)

Paneer Makhni
AED 85.00

Cottage cheese with makhani sauce, dried fenugreek, indian spice


Basmati rice combined with spices, herbs and meat/seafood of your choice and cooked on DUM

Jhinga dum biryani (D/G)
AED 124.00

Basmati rice and gulf prawns, cooked on dum

Murgh zafrani biryani (D/G)
AED 119.00

Tender chicken thigh, biryani spices and cooked in a sealed pot

Chicken 65 Biryani (D/G)
AED 114.00

Chicken 65 and rice tossed with green chilies and onions

Fish Biryani
AED 124.00

Winter vegetables and rice, sealed and finished in oven

Awadhi Gosht Biryani (D/G)
AED 129.00

Indian lamb and basmati rice with cardamom and saffron (D)

Jumbo Biryani
AED 200.00

Basmati rice and tandoori prawns, cooked on dum

Vegetable Biryani
AED 92.00

Vegatables and basmati rice with cardamom and saffron (D)


Mint & cucumber Raita (D)
AED 29.00

Whisk yoghurt with black salt, cumin, dried mint & cucumbers


Roti/Naan/Butter Nan/ Garlic naan (D/G)
AED 15.00

Refined flour bread with choice of butter or garlic

Tomato & chili flavored naan (D/G)
AED 16.00

Sundried tomatoes and chilli naan

Butter chicken and Cheese naan (N/D/G)
AED 24.00

Whole wheat paratha with flavoured mint mixture

Stuffed Kulcha- amritsari aloo/mixed cheese (D/G)
AED 22.00

Unleavened bread with choice of filling

Mixed nuts and saffron Naan (N/D/G)
AED 24.00

Almonds pistachio raisins coconut and saffron filled naan


Steamed Basmati Rice
AED 32.00

Finest basmati rice steamed on dum

Mushroom and scallion Pulao
AED 65.00

Basmati rice and mushroom with green onions (D)

Biryani Rice (D)
AED 35.00

Indian Basmati rice flavoured with cardamom and mace

Jeera Rice
AED 40.00

Ushna’s signature dal slow cooked for 24 hrs with home churned butter

Saffron Rice
AED 35.00

Indian Basmati rice flavoured with saffron

Makhni Sauce
AED 55.00

makhani sauce, dried fenu greek, indian spices

Mint Cucumber Raita
AED 29.00

Whisk yoghurt with black salt, cumin, dried mint & cucumbers


Kesar Rasmalai, strawberry confit, boondi pearls (N/D/G)
AED 48.00

Creamy milk dumplings with strawberry jam and sweet boondi

Gulab Jamun, Crispy Seviyan, malai rabdi (N/D/G)
AED 42.00

Fried milk dumplings in sugar syrup

Choice of Kulfi – Kesar Pista or Mango & mint (N/D)
AED 44.00

Frozen milk dessert with choice of mango or Pistachio (N/D)

Chocolate and Hazelnut ghevar
AED 48.00

Honey comb textured flour dessert with hazelnut and chocolate (N/D/G)

Dessert Platter
AED 62.00

A platter containing taster portion of the above desserts (N/D/G)

Aaisakreem ka chayan
AED 44.00

3 floavors of ice cream